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Transfort Gets You to the Game!


  • All Transfort service is FREE during game days.
  • Bikes on buses on Game Day: Please lock your bike to a rack at a MAX station or bus stop prior to boarding a bus. Due to anticipated heavy loads on game days, bikes are discouraged from MAX and will not be accommodated during peak times. Bikes will not be allowed on gameday shuttles front racks due to tight clearances around traffic control devices.
  • Prohibited Items: Don't forget to leave prohibited items at home before boarding a bus! Check CSU's stadium site for a clear bag policy and list of prohibited items.
  • All regularly scheduled Saturday routes except for HORN will be running during stadium events. Please check Rider Alerts for detours and other bulletins.
  • HORN buses will be used as ADA lot shuttles. Regular HORN service will end 4 hours before kickoff time (Friday game only, no regular HORN service on Saturdays).

Park and Ride Options

Service Times

  • Regular MAX Service, 20-minute frequency
  • Regular HORN service ends and ADA Shuttles TO the stadium begin four hours before the game (Friday game only, no regular HORN service on Saturdays).
  • ADA Shuttles FROM the stadium run until passengers leaving the stadium have been accommodated - approximately one hour after the game
  • Last departures for games ending after 8:00 p.m.: ADA Shuttle from Canvas Stadium = 20 min after the end of the game.
Route Options





  • Civic Center Parking Structure
  • Drake Station
  • Swallow Station
  • Troutman Station
  • South Transit Center
  • Regular MAX Stops, 20 minute frequency
  • Prospect Station - last SB departure 8:07 p.m., last NB departure 7:45 p.m.
  • University Station - last SB departure 8:06 p.m., last NB departure 7:47 p.m.

West Campus service - pre- and post game

Route 2

Route 3

  • n/a
  • Regular Route Stops
  • Route 2 - last departure from CTC at 7:45pm
  • Route 3 - last departure from CTC at 5:53pm

HORN/ADA Shuttle

  • Parking lot on Lake, just west of College
  • CSU ADA Lot 575 (Lake/College)
  • CSU ADA Lot 573 (Lake St.)
  • Stadium Stops

Visit Colorado State University's guide to game day for additional information