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How to Ride Transfort

Travel Help? Sign Up for Travel Training

Travel Training
- Do you need a little extra help learning the Transfort system? Contact us for FREE Travel training, 970.221.6620. Learn more about travel training.

Wheelchair Access
- All buses are wheelchair accessible. Contact a Customer Service Representative at 970.221.6620 to see if traveling from the stop closest to your destination is also accessible. - Special service is also provided for ADA eligible patrons. Contact Dial-A-Ride at 970.224.6066 for more information.

Bike-n-Ride: Transfort is Bicycle Friendly

Bicycle parking at MAX Stations

Bicycle Racks
All MAX stations, and many regular bus stops, have bicycle racks.

Bike n' Ride Shelters - Secure Covered Parking


Annual Membership for City of Fort Collins' Bike n' Ride shelters is $20 plus a refundable $10 deposit. Sign-up at a Transit Center.

Bird Electric Scooters
Bird e-scooters have landed in Fort Collins! E-scooters are a great way to get around town and connect to Transfort, however BIRD scooters are not permitted on any Transfort buses and cannot be ridden on the MAX guideway.

Before you board the bus, leave your BIRD upright on the sidewalk curb near bike parking if available. This can be at a bus stop if the BIRD scooter does not impede access. See all the rules and regulations

Personal Scooter Policy Transfort passengers are allowed to bring personal scooters on board buses, if the scooter can be folded. The scooter must remain folded while on board the vehicle and placed in front of the passenger or under the seat. Scooters must not block aisles, exits or otherwise empty seating. They must not encroach into other passenger areas or personal space.

Personal scooters that cannot be folded are not allowed due to the high potential of injury to other passengers, the inability to secure them in the vehicle, and the likelihood of a hazard created by scooters in the aisles (they cannot be stored under a seat or in front of a passenger without encroaching on other passenger spaces).

Bicycles on Transfort Buses

Transfort can help get you and your bike where you need to go! Transfort buses are equipped with racks on the front of the bus that can hold up to three bicycles. The larger MAX buses can hold four bicycles inside the bus - two standing and two hanging in racks at the rear of the bus. All racks are available on a first come, first serve basis.

If the bus bike racks are full, there is usually bicycle parking available next to the bus stop or station to accommodate your bicycle, or wait for the next bus (10 minutes for MAX during the day).

Bus Bike Rack Instructions

More Information

Learn more about bicycling in Fort Collins at fcgov.com/bicycling.