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Responsible Riding

Help keep the bus a welcome place for all riders by following these tips.

We get it, it’s hard to leave your pets. However, if it’s not a service animal or in a carrier that’s clear of the aisle, don’t bring them on the bus.

We noticed your bag was somewhere that someone could sit. If the bus is filling up, please do not put your purse, bag, or luggage on the seat next to you.

Don’t worry, the bus isn’t going anywhere. Be patient and let passengers exit first before boarding.

Shhhh there are kids around! Use your inside voice and family-friendly language during your bus ride.

The bus wasn’t made for fine dining. Eating and smoking are prohibited on the bus. All drinks must have a sealed lid.

As much as you and your bike need a break, sometimes there’s not enough room. If the racks are full, wait for the next bus or lock your bike nearby to pick up later.

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